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Comprehensive Women’s Health Care in Chattanooga

Welcome to North Park OB-GYN, where girls, mothers and grandmothers from Chattanooga and the surrounding area have been seeking out and receiving the finest in OB-GYN care for over 40 years. The philosophy of this private practice (started by Dr. Gerald Jones in 1974 and now passed on to his son, Dr. Andy Jones) has focused on giving each patient the time and care they deserve – a rarity in today's fast-paced society. At North Park OB-GYN, women are treated as individuals. From the beginning of the visit to the very end, each patient is managed with sincerity and compassion by each member of our office staff, as well as by their provider. Our team of physicians, nurse midwife and nurse practitioner offers a unique and broad choice to meet every woman's provider preference.
No finer women's health care is available in Chattanooga. North Park OB-GYN uses state-of-the-art equipment and practices in all aspects of their patients’ care, performing many procedures now in the office setting. Whether you’re seeking the nurturing support of an experienced midwife, needing a skilled laparoscopic surgeon, looking for a young and empathetic female provider for your first gynecology exam, or wanting the precision of da Vinci® robotic surgery, you've come to the right place. North Park OB-GYN offers it all.
Our best resource is our patients. They know by talking to their own friends, that here at North Park, they want to stay. Our employees are just as loyal as our patients are. Come get the care you want with providers you'll love. Come to North Park OB-GYN and see why generation after generation of women are proud to call us their health care home.

Get the Care You Want From Providers You’ll Love

Caring a new born baby
  • Andrew Jones, M.D.
  • Donna Prelog, C.N.M.
  • Christopher Innes, M.D.
  • Frederick Bossert, M.D.
North Park OB-GYN has been serving the Tri-State Area of TN, GA, AL for over 40 years.